Saturday, April 04, 2009

New Global Research Project on Women in News Media

The International Women's Media Foundation has launched a comprehensive study of women's participation in news media around the world.

From the IWMF Web site:

The Global Report on Women in the News Media is examining the structure of the news media industry worldwide from a gender perspective in order to document the career progress of women and use the results to advocate for change.

Launched in 2009, this ground-breaking research will document where women stand in professional, decision-making and governance levels in the media industry. It will survey newspaper, broadcast and cable media companies in some 66 countries. Data are expected to illustrate the extent to which women have advanced in reporting, editing, producing and other news occupations, as well as in administrative, policy and governance levels. It will also identify factors which both contribute to as well as inhibit gender equality.

Research will be conducted in 2009, with an anticipated publication date of spring 2010. Read more.

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