Friday, May 15, 2009

Global Women Summer Course

Here is information about the three-week summer course I am currently teaching.

Resistance & Rights: Global Women

This course explores the historical development of women’s human rights, the local and global conflicts surrounding women’s struggles, and contemporary understandings of women’s activism and resistance to oppression. Using a human rights framework, we will examine the lives of women from diverse societies and time periods, as well as the means by which women have worked individually and collectively to gain basic human rights. We will explore the major human rights issues that impact women today and how they relate to a variety of topics, including those of culture, religion and tradition; violence against women; sexuality and health; marriage, motherhood and family life; war and refugees; work and immigration; asylum seekers and trafficking; education; politics; and the economy. The course will conclude with an investigation of the role of women’s organizing in effecting progressive social change. We will utilize primary and secondary sources from several academic disciplines as well as compelling works of literature, film and the visual arts.

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