Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What students are saying: Three weeks of studying Global Women

I just wrapped up teaching Global Women over a three-week period in the summer for the third time. I really like how daily three-hour meetings allow for immersion in the course. Here are some of my favorite student comments:

Student A: "In this class, I not only learned factual data, but also grew emotionally connected to issues, and learned more about myself. To me, that is the definition of a good class. It forced me to think critically about situations, put myself in others' shoes, and sometimes even articulate what I think."

Student B: "At the beginning of this class, I honestly did not realize what I got myself into. I did not realize how indepth we would really get. Every day has been completely amazing. Everything I have learned has been extraordinary and a lot of it is unbelievable. I can say that this class has changed my view on the world, the women in it, and the way I will live my life."

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