Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Assistant Editor of Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies

I accepted the position of assistant editor for Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies and look forward to working with the esteemed editor, Herman Wasserman of Rhodes University, and managing editor, Arnold de Beer of the Institute for Media Analysis in South Africa (IMASA) and the University of Stellenbosch. ENAJS is published by Taylor and Francis.

From the publisher's websiteEcquid Novi: African Journalism Studies is the premier international peer-reviewed journal for the critical analysis of journalism scholarship, education and practice in all its facets in Africa. The purpose of the journal is to foster a better understanding of journalism, media studies, and mass communication as research areas in the comparative context of Africa and the Global South, and to build links between these academic fields and the media professions. The journal's focus is on Africa, but its academic interest and scope is transnational.

Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies

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