Friday, November 03, 2017

Write every day?

Like many of my colleagues, I often think about the best ways to be productive in research and writing. A few years ago, I read Robert Boice's book, "Advice for New Faculty Members," and it made a big impact on me. Boice believes you should write every day to be productive. Yet, this seems impossible during busy times of the semester. Today I read an article by Helen Sword, titled "'Write every day!': a mantra dismantled."

From the article:

"Instead of lecturing academics on the 'right way to write,' I offer them a menu of choices, a smorgasbord of possibilities: feasts rather than binges, nourishing diets rather than punishing purges. ... I suggest strategies for explicitly linking productivity with craftsmanship, people, and pleasure: for example, by reading books and attending workshops or courses that will make them feel more confident in their writing style; by forming collaborative relationships premised on emotional support rather than on disciplinary sanctions; and by seeking out writing venues filled with light and air" (Sword, 2016, p. 320-321).

I am putting Sword's book, "Air & Light & Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write" on my reading list!

Boice, R. (2000). Advice for New Faculty Members. Pearson.
Sword, H. (2016). "Write every day!": a mantra dismantled. International Journal for Academic Development, pp. 312-322.
Sword, H. (2017). Air & Light & Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write. Harvard University Press.


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