Thursday, November 16, 2017

Most downloaded articles in CCom during 2016/2017

I received an award yesterday for the faculty member in the College of Communication with the most downloaded articles on Butler University's Digital Commons website during the last academic year. In total, my work has been downloaded 5,702 times, and during the last year I had 1,136 downloads. The article that has most downloads over time (1,718) is "Women and News: Making Connections between the Global and the Local," which was published in Feminist Media Studies in 2009, followed by "Women Making News: Gender and Media in South Africa," published as an invited article in Global Media Journal in 2008 (1,151). Most of the downloads came from the United States (1,072), followed by the United Kingdom (272), South Africa (246), China (163) and India (124). Altogether, my work has been downloaded in 111 countries. Glad to see people are looking at my research!

With Provost Kate Morris (left) and my colleague Allison Harthcock, who had the single article with most downloads over the last year.


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