Tuesday, July 28, 2020

New Publication: Newsroom Cultures

My contribution on newsroom cultures was just published in the International Encyclopedia of Gender, Media, and Communication. Below is the abstract:

Newsroom cultures around the world are dominated by a masculine culture. This is not only because men make up the majority of news workers, but also because of established news values and news routines. Men entered newsrooms long before women did, and women are still considered to be outsiders in what has been described as a “blokey,” “macho,” or “locker room” culture. Women are often expected to cover less important soft news stories, while men cover hard news. Men dominate at the top levels of newsroom hierarchies, with women facing the glass ceiling and unequal pay. Long working hours are a deterrent for female journalists, who often are also responsible for taking care of family members and children. Women face physical and online harassment, as well as sexual harassment, and are often judged on their youthfulness and appearance. Future studies should focus more on intersectionality as well as the experiences of nonbinary people.

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