Monday, June 22, 2009

IPS Gender Wire

It seems as if IPS decided to return to a separate news service for women's issues after its earlier Gender Mainstreaming Project.

From IPS Gender Wire:

IPS has launched a new programme of work running through 2009 - 20011 called “Communicating for Change: Getting Voice, Visibility and Impact for Gender Equality”.

This initiative is one of the projects awarded by the MDG3 Fund: Investing in Equality, set up by the Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation to raise awareness about the third development goal’s priorities, which are primarily aimed at reducing violence against women, enhancing women’s economic independence and increasing participation and representation of women in politics and public administration.

Our activities will include an increase in the IPS news agency’s independent coverage of stories related to gender equality, op-ed columns and newsletters.

To read the independent news reporting generated so far visit Women in the News.

IPS will also work on customised media and communication plans with the other MDG3 grantee organisations committed to women’s empowerment. The aim is strengthening the visibility of their own work, and co-host national or regional media and civil society thematic seminars with them as active partners.

These activities will be implemented primarily in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Last but not least, selections from the catalogue of IPS media training publications related to gender, including the Gender Glossaries, will be revised, republished and distributed.

This website, which is part of our MDG3 communication commitment, will document the publications, meetings and outputs resulting from the whole initiative, and provide a knowledge centre about the activities of other women’s organisations working for gender equality.

To get in touch with us you can write to Collaboration proposals and suggestions are welcome!

Sabina Zaccaro, IPS MDG3 Global Coordinator

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