Friday, July 06, 2012

Exploring the Caribbean

In May, I joined a group of Butler colleagues in the Global and Historical Studies Program in exploring three of the Caribbean islands: Curacao, Jamaica and Cuba. In each case, the impact of colonialism (whether Dutch, British or Spanish) and slavery continues. As a South African, I especially felt a connection to the continent in learning more about the West African slave trade. I also saw similarities between British colonialism in South Africa and Jamaica. On each island, we learned about politics, history, tourism and issues of sexuality. Overall an amazing trip with great colleagues!

Slavery Museum at Kura Hulanda, Curacao

At Tula's Museum, Curacao

Visiting with a community leader in August Town, Jamaica

Visiting Tivoli Gardens, Jamaica

In Havana, Cuba
Callej√≥n de Hammel: murals created by Cuban artist Salvador Gonzalez 

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